Wrap Pants Flow


Sizes and measurements


● Lara and Nina (models) are 170cm tall and wear size 36/38/40
● Adjustable waist
● Wide leg with slits on the sides where the pants wrap
● Main fabric: 100% Refibra Tencel™
● Hardware: Plastic buttons
● Garment made in Croatia
● Questions about fit? Contact us



Transparent pricing

We are honest about the pricing of our products. A number of costs can’t be precisely accounted for – e.g. design, prototypes, office supplies and utilities – but that isn’t keeping us from letting you know what the costs that can be accounted for are.
Wrap Pants Flow

Wrap Pants Flow

Flow wrap pants are high waist pants made of innovative Refibra Tencel™ fabric which combines recycled cotton and virgin wood cellulose. They feature adjustable waist, which is why they come in only two sizes which cover 6 regular sizes. What about the wrap part? They wrap around your waist, which leaves side slits for unbelievable comfort and easiness of movement.

Slow fashion

What is slow fashion? Slow fashion is an approach to production of clothes which values quality over quantity. It takes into consideration each and every aspect of supply chain, respecting people, animals and environment. In order to ensure the longevity of products enough time is dedicated to design process, which is why the approach is called slow.

100% Refibra Tencel

The pioneering REFIBRA™ technology involves upcycling cotton scraps from garment production. These cotton scraps are transformed into cotton pulp. A substantial proportion – up to one third – of this is added to wood pulp, and the combined raw material is transformed to produce new virgin TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers to make fabrics and garments.